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Ecofan 8203



Prices Include VAT


Prices Include VAT

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Feel the heat faster and use less fuel with The Ecofan 8203.

This genuine Caframo/Calfire Ecofan is heat-powered fan is designed to circulate the warm air created by your wood stove. It will help to heat up the room more quickly and efficiently. You'll use less fuel and feel more comfortable.  The Ecofan 8203 ideal for wood and multi-fuel burners.

The Ecofan 8203 is the direct replacement for the 8201, the only difference is a small manufacturing change. There is no cosmetic or performance difference. 


  • Height 223mm from base to top of casting, excluding handle and blade. Depth 66mm and width 110 (not including blade).
  • Blade diameter 206mm.

Must be installed onto a flat surface. Please ensure that there is sufficient space on the burner, please take consideration of the blades rotation when measuring.

For a slightly larger model, please see the Ecofan AirDeco 8204.


  • Increases your thermal comfort
  • Minimum Operating temperature 65.5°C
  • Creating its own electricity and pushing up to 160 CFM
  • No operating costs
  • Cuts fuel costs
  • Safe & very quiet
  • 4 Year Warranty

Operating Instructions

The Ecofan 8203 is designed to be used on freestanding stoves with normal surface temperatures on 65.5°C - 345°C. Temperatures above 345°C may damage your Ecofan.  Relocate your Ecofan to a cooler spot on your stove if the surface temperature exceeds 345°C. Good wood stove practice includes using a stove thermometer.

  • Ensure the Ecofan handle is upright before placing on the stove.
  • While in use, the base of the Ecofan is very hot, when repositioning always use the handle.ecofan-positioning.png

Getting the Most From Your Ecofan

For optimum performance, placement on the stove's surface is critical to allow cooler air to be drawn over the cooling fins. Place the Ecofan at the back corner of the stove as shown on the diagram. Should the gap between the Ecofan and the back wall be less than 150mm (6") then move the Ecofan forward along the side of your stove and turn it in slightly. This should ensure the fan can draw the necessary cool air from the rear/side of the stove. The Ecofan should not be used directly in front of the stove pipe or at the front of the stove as this will lead to reduced performance.

Why Buy a Genuine Caframo Ecofan from us:

  • The Caframo Ecofan is a heat-powered fan designed to circulate the warm air created by a solid fuel stove. Improved warm air circulation results in greater comfort and less fuel consumption.
  • Costs nothing to run… Using the heat from the stove, the Ecofan is the most economical way to effectively circulate warm air. No cables, plugs or batteries are required.
  • Test results using AMCA testing standards prove that most air flow claims made by other stove top fan manufacturers are much lower than publicised, some by as much as 45%.
  • Ecofans last longer because they are made in Canada, utilise a superior design that operates more efficiently and effectively than 4 or 5 blade models and, is the only fan with a user serviceable replacement motor.
  • More Ecofans have been sold than all other stove top fans combined. Caframo invented the fan and have two decades of experience perfecting it. This means low failures and high customer satisfaction.
  • Sold with 1 year warranty.
  • Fully CE compliant…. None of the Chinese copy stove fans meet this approval despite what is printed on the boxes or their importers claims.


Ecofans 8203 and 8204 are warranted to be free from any manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

Should your Ecofan become defective or fail to operate under normal conditions within this 2 year period, you must in the first instance email advising which model you have; the serial number of your unit (found on the underside of the top casting); when and from where you purchased the item and details of the fault you are experiencing.

If subsequently instructed to return the item then this should be sent, with a copy of the warranty notification email and a copy of the original invoice or cash register slip, to the UK Ecofan distributor Calfire Spareline Ltd at the following address:

Calfire Spareline Ltd
LL14 5DG

Please note that you must email before returning any Ecofan to them.

If a fault is discovered with your Ecofan we will reimburse you for the carriage paid to return to Calfire up to a value of £5.


Should the unit fail after the warranty period a full refurbishment service is available. Send your fan to the UK distributors Calfire at the following address:

Calfire Spareline Ltd
LL14 5DG

Once received Calfire will produce a refurbishment report and quotation and forward this to you by email or post. If you are happy with the quotation you will be asked to provide your payment details and your Ecofan will then be refurbished. The fan will be tested prior to being returned.

Occasionally units that have been subjected to extreme heat will be beyond repair.

Should you decide not to proceed with the repair, or the fan is beyond repair, a small postage charge will be requested to pay for the fans return or the fan will be disposed of.

Refurbished units are covered for a full 1 year from the date you receive them back.

The refurbished unit warranty conditions are the same as for new units.