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Why is my decking going green? Eco Friendly Patio Cleaner

Posted by Celtic Sustainables on

Algon: Organic Path, Patio, Decking and Driveway Cleaner

The weather is getting warmer and the days longer. If you are looking at your outdoor patio, decking and pathways and thinking they could do with a little eco friendly spring clean to get rid of that green algae and slippery surface growth before you spend more time out of doors, then we have a solution for you!

Algon helps to restore the natural colour of virtually any outdoor surface. No scrubbing, rinsing and put down that power hose! Simply “spray and go”! Seriously, this is why we love Algon! It’s very easy to apply and the results are fantastic.

Algon may be used any time of year. However, best results are achieved when Algon is applied to a dry surface when rain is not expected. In our experience, the sunnier the period of weather after you have applied Algon, the faster you will see results.

We love that Algon is supplied as a concentrate (saving on packaging and shipping/CO2). Before applying you simply dilute 1 part Algon to 3 parts water.

“Helps restore the natural colour of virtually any outdoor surface the organic way.”

You can use Algon on driveways, patio flag stones, decking, conservatories, glass or plastic, slate, roof felt, walls (painted or not!). Don’t stop there, Algon can treat garden wooden furniture, fencing, stone walls, garden sheds, greenhouses, statues, plant pots, pebbles and even garden canopies. Have a dog kennel or horse stable? Yes, you can treat those too!

The results will last approximately 9 months to 1 year, however this does depend on the absorbency of the material being treated, its location and the weather conditions.

Algon Eco Friendly Patio Cleaner. Perfect for cleaning green algae from decking, paths and driveways too!

Your Eco Friendly Patio Cleaning questions answered

How long does it take for Algon to work?

Algon will start to clear the surface within a week or so and stays active, cleaning progressively for months to come.

What surfaces can I clean algae, green stains and moss from using Algon?

Tarmac, flagstones, decking, conservatories (glass and plastic), slate and felt roofs, walls (painted and unpainted), fencing (wood and concrete), garden sheds, greenhouses, garden statues, plant pots, pebbles, garden furniture, canopies and fabrics, astroturf and artifical grass, all weather tennis courts, access ramps, car parks, play areas and more!

Are there any surfaces I shouldn’t use Algon on?

Surfaces such as marble zinc, iron, steel and galvanised surfaces should be avoided. Algon may temporarily discolour lead. Spot test coloured paving flags and if in any doubt please do a spot test.

What about lime plaster and lime washed walls?

The manufacturer recommends doing a spot test first. We haven't tried it on these surfaces yet and will update this page when we have. In the meantime we recommend Keim - Algicide Plus which is an acid free fungicide wash.

Does Algon Kill grass?

Algon will have a scorching effect on foliage and grass where it makes contact. This will not affect the rest of the plant, and roots will not suffer.

How do you apply Algon?

Simply dilute 1 part Algon to 3 parts water. Apply to surfaces with either a garden sprayer on droplet setting, soft broom or paintbrush, wetting the surface evenly. Wet the surface evenly spreading at approximately 5 to 6 square metres per litre. Using a watering can is often wasteful, however we have found that working with a watering can with fine rose head and using a soft brush to spread the water can be effective at reaching all parts of a patio or driveway.

Non-metallic implements are recommended for application purposes; rinse implements after use. Do not throw rinse water on grass or plants.

Do I rinse it off later?

No, simply leave to allow the active ingredients time to work.

Can I paint or use decking oil over Algon?

Yes, Algon will not affect any type of paint or stain. Wait for the surface to clear for up to 10 days and proceed as paint manufacturer's recommendations. You do not need to rinse off the area prior to applying the paint or oil stain product.

Is Algon safe around my children’s outside play toys?

Algon can be used on many surfaces, it's safe for pets, non-toxic and organic. Simple to use, simply apply and leave to work into the surface!

Can I use this decking cleaner around my wildlife pond?

Algon is safe for pets and wildlife even when wet. Normal overspray or run-off entering ponds will not harm fish or pond life but care should be taken to always keep this to a minimum. Take care around ponds to try to keep run-off to a minimum.

A white residue has appeared after I applied Algon, What is it?

Excess wetting or puddling may results in small patches of a white residue forming; this is harmless and will weather away. 

How is Algon Supplied?

  • 2.5ltr container - 60 square metres approximately.
  • 10ltr container - 240 square metres approximately.

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