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What is "Eco"?

What is "Eco"?

Posted by Celtic Sustainables on 30th Oct 2018

“Eco” credentials for some paint and decorating products can sometimes be very clear. For example the Earthborn paint range is certified to EU Ecolabel standards. The EU EcoLabel identifies products and services that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle. 

Products that carry the Cradle to Cradle certification could also be classed as “Eco”. For example Keim and some Graphenstone paints. Cradle to Cradle certification means that the product has met certain criteria within 5 sustainability categories. There are 5 sustainability levels within each category (basic, bronze, silver, gold and platinium). This means that some products are more “Eco” than others within the Cradle to Cradle certification scheme.

For products without any formal certification, the eco rating is perhaps more difficult to compare. For example eicó paints, it is their manufacturing process in Iceland and Sweden to exacting environmental standards using 100% geothermal or hydropower energy (making the production process carbon positive) and being one of the lowest VOC paints in the UK which they say (amongst other things) makes them an environmentally friendly paint. Ref: eicó.

For some customers the eco rating of the products we sell is determined by other environmental certification schemes like PEFC certification for the wood in the Savolit Wood Wool Boards or not having biocides in for external wood finishes like the Osmo Country Colour and Treatex Classic Colours Collection.

The term “Eco” means different things to different people. When not clearly certified our discussions with potential customers often come down to people’s individual priorities, needs and objectives. Is it their carbon footprint, the durability of the product, the “naturalness” of the ingredients, whether it removes VOCs from the air or the amount of VOCs released, the recyclability of the product at the end of its life or a plethora of other objectives that they have in mind when they use the word “Eco”?

Get informed

Our aim has been, and will always be, to give customers a clear and transparent choice and to describe clearly the benefits and disadvantages of the products within the context of the individuals’ requirements. 

Make sure you read all the information available to you about the products you are interested in. Where the information you need isn’t online, please do contact us and we will contact our suppliers to find out for you.