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Introducing The Earth Collection from Earthborn

Posted by Celtic Sustainables on

In July Earthborn released The Earth Collection, a pallet of five calm and harmonious paint shades inspired by the natural world. We are delighted to introduce them and announce that they can now be purchased online.

Earthborn Paint New Colours 2020

“Each colour is themed around the earth, land, sand, sea and clouds. Longevity and timeless appeal are at the heart of The Earth Collection.”

This year Earthborn have released their new colours a little differently. They’ve kept it really simple, nothing will be changing with their current purple classic colour card, instead they’ve created a simple bookmark displaying real painted swatches of the new colours, you can request colour cards here (for Free!). 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the new delightful colours from Earthborn. 

The Earth Collection - Grassy

The land - Grassy. Earthborn have already got fab green shades in their collection (Cricket, Mister Toad and hobby wood to name a few!) But nothing like the newest green tone, it’s an elegant grey-green inspired by misty, mountainous landscapes. Perfectly paired with house plants and natural accessories. 

The Earth Collection - Up Up and Away (with Peach Baby framing the window)

The clouds - Up Up Away is Earthborns new, cool and calm off-white tone that allows you to create a space in your home to float away and relax in. Great in north facing rooms -very dreamy! It has subtle grey undertones and will work great paired with the colour nellie. 

The Earth Collection - Skipper

The sea – Skipper, this warm denim shade has a casual charm. Be transported to still ocean waters, with this versatile, mid-toned blue. It’s ideal in sociable areas of the home. A truly unique colour, nothing quite like it in the current collection and already proving popular. 

The Earth Collection - Sandy Castle

The Sand – Sandy Castle, inspired by the sand, Earthborn has totally captured the feeling of sunlight on sand dunes to create a unique take on the colour cream. An all-round shade for walls and woodwork.

The Earth Collection - Crocky Road (with Milk Jug near the ceiling)

The Earth – Crocky Road Inspired by the earth, this cool beige is a natural choice for living rooms. Its faintest green undertone lends Crocky Road an easy, earthy quality.

All colours are available in testers, lifestyle, claypaint, eco chic and eggshell paint for woodwork. Claypaint is an exciting clay based breathable paint it has a distinctive, ultra matt finish that softens and enhances the light in your room, while its contemporary colours tempt the senses.

We hope you love the new Earthborn colours just as much as us! We can’t wait to see our customers using the new colours in their homes, so please tag #CelticSus when you post on Instagram or on other social sites.