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7 Reasons to Choose eicó

7 Reasons to Choose eicó

Posted by Celtic Sustainables on 15th Feb 2018

1. Great quality —
eicó paints are manufactured using 100% pure acrylic. It's the pure acrylic, which prevents blistering, cracking and and enables them to retain their colour so well - they can even be used for both interior and exterior walls. Unlike  eicó, because of the high energy costs associated with the production of pure acrylic, many competitors compromise on the amount of acrylic they use in their paints. so why not come and see for yourself! Here at Celtic Sustainables we’ve already painted some tables and walls. We're really impressed with the Alterior eggshell too which we've used on our skirting boards and it's covered the previously painted wood beautifully giving it a lovely soft finish.  

2. Great value —

With eicó, top quality doesn't translate into high prices either. Their pure acrylic paint is manufactured in Iceland using 100% geothermal and hydropower energy which means they can obtain the highest quality paint at exceptionally competitive prices.

3. Environmentally friendly —
eicó by name – eco by nature. With one of the lowest VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) ratings of any paint sold in the UK,  is sure to give added weight to any project striving for greater green credentials. It's low odour too! So when we were painting here in the shop, we simply popped open a window and the smell dissipated quickly. 

4. Service —
eicó have been in the paint business a long time and are able to give advice on every form of wall covering from Spray Plaster to paint, polished plaster to splashbacks and all bespoke colour stains for wood and polished concrete flooring; so if you need advice on any substrate your working with, just give us a call. We also mix the entire colour range right here in our Cardigan warehouse and have a supply of sample pots too. 

5. Colour specialist —
In addition to 108 standard colours too choose from, eicó also have more than 10000 other colours, which can be mixed for any wall and floor finish; but if you still can't find the exact colour you want, we can work with you to create the colour you need, so that you can build your own unique colour range too.

6. Washable —
eicó paint is designed for longevity and durability and most of their finishes are washable (up to 2000 times or more!) which means their great for busy homes, nurseries, kitchens and bathrooms. We'd recommend the eico alterior matt emulsion a high quality waterbased paint which is manufactured using 100% pure acrylics*. It dries to a non yellowing flat finish and has excellent colour retention properties

7. Health —
eicó paints are frequently used for hospital and school projects because they're APEO free making them great for allergy and asthma sufferers. We'd recommend the eico Helmatt paint, a high quality emulsion waterbased paint suitable for interior walls and ceilings. Eico Helmatt paint is NFEO and solvent free with a very low rating (
VOC ≤ 0.1%) which makes this an exceptionally environmentally friendly paint. EU limits for this product are (Cat A/a): 75g/ltr (2007)/30g/ltr (2010). This product contains max.1g/litre VOC. The paint has also been tested to comply with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation in Sweden.

What is APEO??

  • APEOs are regularly found in detergents, cleaning agents as well as other chemicals used for textile or leather production.

Carbon Neutrality?
Here's a very valid question that they're often asked is: "Yes we understand the Carbon Footprint benefits of manufacturing in Iceland but surely this is all undone when you ship it to the UK?

The raw ingredient of paint, principally Titanium Dioxide, is neither mined nor refined in the UK, and therefore has to be transported, together with the binders and extenders into the UK.  Every paint manufacturer is faced with this transport cost to the environment.

  • With Iceland being a net importer of products, they are merely utilising the unfilled space rather than  adding further to the carbon footprint.

Transport is a necessary part of any paint production – eicó's aim is to minimize the impact during it's manufacture, transportation and of course when the paint's being used.

Paint manufacturers will often concentrate on the latter – but if you really want to be considered a serious eco warrior, then you need to look at the process from start to finish.
What’s with the Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Paint logos?
It is all about underlining and further endorsing our green credentials!

Clean Air: Iceland has been ranked as one of the cleanest and non-polluted environments in the world – that is of course as long as the local volcano stays dormant. 
Clean Water: Iceland competes alongside Tasmania and New Zealand for the crown of having the cleanest water in the world.
Clean Paint: Set in this environment, it's no wonder eicó turn out Clean Paint, when the main ingredient in paint is water. Their factory uses totally clean energy too – by using a mix of hydropower and geo-thermal power! Their factory has even passed its Green Book-keeping audit.

As you may be starting to understand, they take their pledge to the environment extremely seriously – that is why we have registered the Trade Mark for eicó as being “Paints that don’t cost our Earth”.

“eicó by name and eco by nature, eicó uses geothermal energy to produce zero and low toxin paint that’s suitable for use both indoors and out.” Elle Decoration

“Icelandic paint manufacturer eicó has been making low-VOC paint for many years and now, its new zero VOC range is not only toxin free, but is also made using geothermal energy making it carbon neutral. Available in vast colours to suit.” Homes & Gardens.