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Arcado Water Butts - 230 Litres, 360 Litres & 460 Litres

3P Technik

Out of stock

Prices Include VAT

Out of stock

Prices Include VAT

Space saving water butt with optional planter

The stone pillar effect water butt range, Arcado, are available in an amazing nine options: three different sizes with three colours to each! All boast a very useful ultra small footprint and are designed to replicate the design of stone pillars.

Suitable especially to complement stone pillar work around the house but equally able to create that same impression by itself in all shapes of garden. There are three stone colours to chose from, Sandstone, Granite and Dark Granite (Charcoal). The sandstone water butt looks just fabulous against sandstone buildings.

These stone column effect water butts can be converted to incorporate a planter in the lid - they come with a plastic planter that can be fitted into the lid (requires some DIY skills to cut the correct size hole).

The three water storage capacities are:

  • 230l water butt (105cm high) - SOLD OUT
  • 360l water butt (1.65cm high) - Granite finish only available
  • 460l water butt (2m high) - SOLD OUT

These water butts can also be used as a SuDS Planters in areas that flood in a Rain Garden to help slow the flow of stormwater and therefore help prevent downstream flooding.

We recommend using the 3P Filter Collector Universal to connect the Arcado water butt to your down-pipe. This filter is everything you need for collecting water from your down-pipe and filter any debris before transferring the water into the tank.

Free economy delivery to mainland UK.


  • Capacities of 230 litres, 360 litres and 460 litres
  • Height: 230L - 105cm, 360 - 165cm, 460L - 200cm
  • Diameter of all sizes 60cm
  • The butt can be filled using a 3P Filter Collector Universal
  • Front-facing BSP brass threaded 3/4” screw-in tap connection point
  • Side outlet BSP brass threaded 3/4" port for draining or connecting to another butt
  • Child-safe lid

Accessories included

  • Granite and charcoal water butts are supplied with a chrome tap and the sandstone water butt with a brass tap
  • Plastic planter (optional use)
  • Wall fixing bracket & screws

Guides and Ideas

A bit undecided about what options are available to you?

Then have a look at our Rainwater Harvesting FAQs and have a read of our informative guides.