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Airlite - Purelight Interior Air Purifying Paint


Currently out of stock

Prices Include VAT

Currently out of stock

Prices Include VAT

If you require a quotation or more information please contact us.

Airlite Purelight is a mineral inorganic paint which utilises a set of patented technologies in order to reduce air pollution. Airlite Purelight is provided in a powder form and requires mixing with water prior to application.

The average person spends over 90% of their time indoors yet more often than not indoor air quality is many times worse than the outdoors.

Airlight Purelight has recently received cradle to cradle gold certification from continual improvement to manufacturing processes and raw material sourcing improvements.

Key Points

  • Reduces up to 88.8% of pollutants in the air
  • Eliminates 99.9% of moulds and bacteria on contact.
  • Coverage approximately 10-12m² per kg
  • Removes Nitrogen Oxides from the atmosphere with exposure of light
  • Produced from natural ingredients
  • Contains no biocides
  • Very low VOC - less than 1g/l
  • Manufacturers warranty of 10 years. View Manufacturers Warranty (opens in new tab)
  • 1 coat required on surfaces primed with the Airlite Primer

Airlite Commercial ENG from Airlite on Vimeo.


Airlite products have been tested extensively and have many valid certifications. View Test and Certification Overview (opens in new tab).

Specific product tests and certifications can be obtained on request.

Application Instructions

Airlite Primer must be applied to any substrate prior to decoration for any warranties to be valid.

The following instructions have been compiled to ensure the correct application of Airlite based on 1kg quantities. Please follow them closely.

  1. Measure 0.75 Litres (3.75L for 5kg & 7.5L for 10kg of Airlite Purelight) of clean water into container
  2. Pour 0.4 Litres (2L for 5kg & 4L for 10kg of Airlite Purelight) of the prepared water into 1kg of Airlight Purelight Powder
  3. Mix with mixer until powder is completely dissolved, we recommend to start the mixing slowly and increasing speed gradually as the powder dissolves.
  4. Add the remaining 0.35 litres (1.75L for 5kg & 3.5L for 10kg of Airlite Purelight) of water to the mix.
  5. Continue mixing, alternating speed of the mixer until optimal consistency is achieved.

Once the paint is ready, application must be completed within 3 hours.


View Data Sheet (opens in new tab)

Case Study: London Air Pollution and How One School is Improving Air Quality in the Classroom.