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1" Tank to Tank Connector Kit

3P Technik


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Prices Include VAT

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Join two waterbutts or rainwater collecting tanks together using this connection kit as a connecting kit between any two thin walled tanks with a 1" connection (not 3P Technik Water Butts - to connect 3P Technik water butts please see the 3/4" Tank to Tank Connection Kit). 

This connection kit is for tanks where you can reach inside to fit the back nuts.  You must be able to fit the back nuts to secure the connection. You also need to ensure that the place that you intend to connect the tanks (where you drill the hole) have flat surfaces on both the inside and outside of the tank (some larger tanks have a more pronounced curved surface on the inside near the corners). The seal will not secure the connection on curved surfaces.

This connection kit can also be used to join any two tanks with threaded ports at 1" BSP. 

This is a 1" Tank to Tank Connector Set including Flat Bit to drill the hole.

The hosetails are 32mm on to the 32mm hose. The threads are 1" BSP threads.  The back nuts screw up onto the threads and compress the rubber washers against the tank walls, so making a water tight seal. The connection is then made using the 25cm of 1.25"/32mm medium duty hose with stainless steel hose clips secured on to the hosetails at each end of the hose.

This kit is NOT suitable for joining tanks which have brass 3/4" BSP threaded ports like the 3P Technik Water Butt Range. To link Wall Tanks, Noblesse or Maurano water butts etc, please see the 3/4" Tank to Tank Connection Kit.

If you are unsure how to fit this kit, consult a competent professional tradesperson.