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Garden SteelPump - Portable Water Pump



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Portable Water Pump for Garden Watering

(main photograph shows pump with Carry Handle and Multi-hosetail reducer attached)

A high quality jet-pump, with stainless steel motor body. It is submersible and self-priming, with electronic flow control (ie will automatically pump on demand). The electronic flow control responds to the pressure in the outlet pipe. As the user draws water by opening a tap or similar, the pump starts, turn it off and the pump cuts out automatically.

The X-AJE P series is designed for pumping clean water only. It is ideal for pumping rainwater where the rainwater has been filtered before use for example with downpipe filter in small garden above ground tanks, or where the pump is installed inside a tank with an intake strainer or floating inlet.

It is very safe in garden applications, as the pump is totally water proof. This is perfect for where children are around - for total peace of mind.

This unit is very similar to the X-AJE B pump. The principle difference is the software controller on the X-AJE P is designed for PORTABLE installations, such as garden irrigation, or a temporary supply where demand and use is going to be variable.

This pump can function either submerged or above water, and is primarily designed for garden and portable applications. The professional build quality incorporates high quality oversized steel bearings, ceramic-graphite shaft seal and reliable electronics, making it suitable for demanding applications and high duty cycles. Software in the P series pumps is optimised for garden and irrigation use.

PLEASE NOTE: This pump does not ship with a carry handle or Multi-Hosetail reducer as standard but they are available as options. Please select above if required.

Ideal for:

  • Garden irrigation
  • Portable applications
  • Temporary connections
  • Above ground tanks
  • Garden water butts

Optional Extras

Please add the following optional extras to your order to make this pump a truely portable pump for your garden.

Carry Handle

Add this easy to fit carrying handle to make this a truly portable pump for use in your garden and around your home.

Multi-hosetail Reducer

The multi-hosetail reducer screws into the 1.25" outlet at the top of the pump and enables you to connect 1", 3/4" and 1/2" garden hoses to your pump. Hoses simply push over the hosetail reducer. The ribbed sections of the reducer hold the hose in place.

Pump to Water Tank Connector

The Pump to Tank connecting kit connects your SteelPump to any water butt or water tank with a 3/4" BSP threaded port. This superbly specified kit allows the tank to be shut off without any loss of water. It comprises of 2 x brass flat seals, 1m of quality flexible hose and 1 brass shut-off valve. The flat seals are particularly handy as they allow the pump and tank to be threaded to the pipe without having to twist the pipe.

Technical Features

Guides and ideas

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