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Eco Union - Eco-Friendly Brushes - Pro

Eco Union

Currently out of stock

Prices Include VAT

Currently out of stock

Prices Include VAT

Eco Union Brushes - As seen on Dragon's Den!

Paint brushes with zero bristle loss made in Britain with bamboo handles and recycled metal ferrule. The Pro range of paint brushes are designed to last a lifetime.

Eco Union brushes are built sustainably from top to bottom and use a mix of recycled natural and synthetic filaments that are super thick, SRT tipped and flagged (meaning awesome performance*).

These Pro brushes are thicker than the Made in Britain range. They are made for painters who want to apply the MOST amount of paint in the SHORTEST amount of time, in the SMOOTHEST way, with the SHARPEST lines.

The metal ferrules on these eco paintbrushes are made from recycled steel. Swapping for a recycled metal over virgin means less energy has gone into the production, less damage has been done to the environment and less raw materials have been used which means the reserves of natural ore will last longer. 

If something’s to be used every day, little time saving aspects add up quickly. Things such as more paint per stroke and fast wash up make a big difference. So does choosing bamboo over wood and recycled over virgin. It all adds up. 

Each brush is packaged in an eco-friendly wrapper. By using paper certified by the Woodland Trust and printed using eco-friendly vegetable ink, it makes the carbon-neutral keepers our brushes come in the kindest around.  The environmentally friendly ink is produced using sustainable farming methods. Even the way the plants used to make the ink are grown is helpful to the planet; helping to reduce air pollution by minimising toxic emissions. And because they have such low toxic compounds, they're safer for the soil and groundwater, too.

What does SRT mean?

* In Brush Geeks terms, SRT refers to the the Solid Round Tapered (SRT) filaments. Basically this ensures excellent paint pick up and uniform paint release over a greater area.


  • Thick and long blended bristles - suitable for all paint types
  • Extra thick
  • Bamboo handle - strong, light, and sustainable.
  • Recycled stainless steel ferrules
  • Available from 1" to 4"
  • Standard and Angle Sash versions
  • SRT tipped and flagged
  • Individually checked and packed
  • Carbon neutral packaging made from paper certified by the Woodland Trust and printed using eco-friendly vegetable inks.