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Treatex Wood Oils for interior Timber Floors

Treatex Wood Oils for interior Timber Floors

Posted by Celtic Sustainables on 13th Jun 2017

                       INGREDIENTS : A Look Inside Treatex Wood Oils

Treatex is one of the top manufacturers of wood finishes in the UK, Europe, and Australia. 

Treatex finishes are simple to use, attractive to look at, and highly durable. Celtic Sustainables supplies a range of Treatex products, from the Hardwax Oil in Clear or in Colour, to Wax Polish, and a specially-designed Floor Brush amongst many other products

Treatex is designed for interior and exterior wood finishes; made from natural oils - Great for the wood and for the environment. Excellent long lasting protection for wood flooring, decking, paneling, kitchen worktops, furniture, window frames, sheds, and garden furniture.
Treatex finishes are; 

  • Very durable and long lasting wood finishes.
  • Oil/Wax Based - Protects the wood from inside and outside.
  • No cracking, flaking, peeling or blistering.
  • Wood doesn't require sanding before application - Saving time and effort.

Sustainability from Treatex

Concern for the wellbeing of its customers and the environment are paramount, and Treatex manufactures its Hardwax Oil using a base of natural, sustainable, and raw materials.

Linseed Oil

Linseed oil is clear to yellowy substance obtained by pressing the ripened seeds of the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum, Linceae), a plant native to the region extending from India to the eastern Mediterranean.

Sunflower Oil

Better known by most of us as a healthy cooking oil, natural sunflower oil is the non-volatile oil pressed from the seeds of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus).

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil (that’s “ho-HO-ba”, for anyone looking to avoid embarrassment) is the liquid wax formed in the seed of the Jojoba plant (Simmondsia chinensis), a shrub native to north-western Mexico, southern California, and southern Arizona.


Beeswax is the natural wax formed by the bee hive of honey bees of the genus Apis. The wax is produced by young worker bees of between 12 and days of age in the form of thin scales secreted by the glands on the abdomen’s ventral surface.

Carnauba Wax

Native to north-eastern Brazil, the Carnauba palm (Copernicia prunifera) produces its wax within its leaves.

Candelilla Wax

Originating from the south-western US and northern Mexico, Candelilla wax is produced within the leaves of the small Candelilla (Euphorbia antisyphilitica).

Official Treatex stockist UK. We hold a large amount of stock, ready for collection in store or for quick delivery.

Treatex - Floor Brush, 9"

Product Description

Make finishing floors easier with this high-quality floor-brush. The Perfect tool for the application of Treatex Hardwax Oil.  Requires the treatex Extension Pole (sold separately)