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Easy to Reach Ways to Stop Leaves Blocking Downpipe Guttering

Posted by Celtic Sustainables on

When your home is surrounded by trees, it is essential to ensure that your guttering, downpipes and drains do not get blocked by the leaves, twigs and generally debris that gets blown always onto your roof each Autumn.

If you want to stop leaves blocking your drain and need something that it is at a convienient height for you to easily maintain then the Leaf Catcher from 3P Technik is a simple solution for you to consider.

Leaf Catcher

The Leaf Catcher separates out leafs, twigs, moss clumps etc from the rainwater going along the downpipe, collecting the debris in its small basket.  It is intended as an alternative to "balloon guards" or "hedgehogs" at gutter level, but because the Leaf Catcher is installed on the downpipe at a place and height that is convenient, it saves on awkward high level maintenance or bending down to reach drains.

This leaf guard fits square downpipes and round downpipes (65mm square downpipes, or 68mm, 80mm and 100mm round - however the adaptor is not square it is round and simply slots into square downpipes). 

You will need to cut the downpipe at a height convenient for you to maintain the Leaf Catcher (possibly bracketing it again depending on where the brackets are in relation to your cut), then the down-pipe simply hangs into the Leaf Catcher basket, clipping onto the basket's pre-cut positions. Maintenance is simply removing any leaves caught in the tray from time to time.

It comes in three colours, black, brown and grey to match your guttering. It is made from ultra-durable, high quality, impact resistant and UV stabilised plastic so will not fade or crack over time.

The Leaf Catcher (above) is best suited to roof areas less than 80m2 with a light to medium leaf fall, for larger roofs or more leaves the Leaf Separator (below) is recommended.

Leaf Separator

Very similar in purpose and installation to the Leaf Catcher, the Leaf Separator is a larger unit designed to deal with leaves and debris from bigger roof areas (over 80m2) or roofs that collect lots of leaves.

The Leaf Separator fits 65mm square downpipes and 68mm, 80mm and 100mm round downpipes too.  

The only other differences, other than size, are that the Leaf Catcher holds the filtered out debris, while in the Leaf Separator the debris flows out of the unit and onto the ground below and the Leaf Separator has a green "Lid" that can be closed when needed.

The Leaf Separator is available in Grey and Brown (with green lid) and is made from ultra-durable, high quality, impact resistant and UV stabilised plastic so will not fade or crack over time.