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Helpful and eco-friendly ways to prepare your home for winter

Posted by Celtic Sustainables on

As we are entering the winter months, the longer nights and changing weather conditions can damage your home and garden. However, you can take a few simple steps to prepare your property for the long months ahead.

1. If you haven't already topped up your loft or insulated your garden office, now is the time to do so! It improves thermal comfort, reduces cold drafts and heat losses. Our Cosywool and Supasoft insulation are both great choices for walls, roofs, garden rooms and van conversions, you can even insulate pipes, baths and even dog kennels with them too!

Supasoft Insulation is made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

2. Clear gutters and drains of debris. Leaves and moss can block the drains, causing leaks into the roof and walls – Check out our leaf separators and filters for easy to fit products, no ladders involved!

3. Before the winter is here, now is the time to protect our untreated timber. Wood can be long-lasting when it is properly maintained, with some structures having lasted over several centuries. By taking the time to protect our timber, we are in turn are rewarded by its enhanced natural beauty for many years to come. Take a look at our eco products for external timbers.

This Summer House looks wonderful treated with Treatex Classic Colour "Old Pewter"

4. Clean your chimney and order firewood. And whilst we’re looking at the fire, why not order some natural fire lighters? Flamers are a brilliant and natural alternative to toxic firelighters!

5. Install a caframo woodstove fan! designed to circulate the warm air created by a wood or gas stove. They help heat up the room more quickly and efficiently. You'll use less fuel and feel more comfortable with one of these stove top fans. They're ideal for wood burners and multi-fuel burners.

Wood Stove Fans from Caframo help distribute heat

6. Keep your heating on a timer. Keep your heating on a low setting if you’re going away for a period of time prevents the pipes from freezing over. Installing a comfort thermometer displays both the temperature and humidity. It is great for monitoring rooms, offices and factories, to ensure optimum conditions are maintained.

7. Ventilate your property – it’s a skill to be able to dry clothes indoors, avoid condensation and stop all your home heating going out the window! But there is a way! Dehumidifiers are appliances which work to lessen the amount of moisture in the air and maintain the humidity levels in your home. Our selection of dehumidifiers help to solve condensation, damp, and mould problems in homes. They are user friendly, have quiet modes, have an 8-hour laundry boost option and an air purification mode!

8. This article talks about preparing our homes for winter, and we're going to look ahead now at spring. Yes, if you install a water butt now and start harvesting all that rainwater falling from your roof, then you’ll be singing come springtime when we have a drought in April! We have a variety of water butts in different sizes and designs (some of them are even on offer in our end of season sale), and all can be fitted with our downpipe filter collectors too! 

Burgundy Water Barrel holds 500L