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First PassivHaus Vets in UK

We love to hear about how our customers have used the products we sell, so we were really excited when we read this 5 star review from “Chris C” in August this year. “Really great company to deal with. Great advice and service. Helped me build The UKs first passivhaus vet surgery” Very kind words, thank you, [...]

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Eco Loft Conversion Ideas and Inspiration

It’s often an underutilised area of the house but a loft conversion can be the perfect solution if you want to create some much needed space in your home. Cheaper to implement and with much less upheaval than moving, a loft conversion can give you that handy extra bedroom, bathroom or the workspace you’ve always [...]

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Breathable Membranes, VCLs, VSDs, Water Vapour – what’s it all about?

If you are considering insulation for your property, no doubt you have come across terms such as VCL, VSD, vapour barrier and breathable membranes to name but a few. We’ve put together a quick overview and a brief explanation of the main types of membrane and their application. First though, it helps to understand a few [...]

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Let’s talk about insulation Values!

At Celtic Sustainables we get a lot of calls regarding insulation, a lot of people are unsure about thermal values and how much insulation they need to install to hit the right U values etc. Thermal conductivity, R-Values and U-values can all seem a bit confusing, however we hope this explanation will help to make [...]

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How to make a Paper Chain

Paper chains are a beautiful addition to your Christmas Decorations. Very easy to make from decorative paper. If you buy zero waste who gives a crap toilet roll (made from 100% recycled paper) you can make the paper chains by reusing the pretty outer paper wrapping. Here is how. Buy zero waste toilet paper that comes [...]

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Eco Friendly Gifts

With the festive season almost upon us, we have compiled all of our products that are fabulous eco friendly gifts for the environmentally conscious person in your life all in one handy place. Eco Friendly Gifts under £50Natural Decorating and Eco-Renovation Books* Price Range: £4.50 to £34.99 These books have been recommended to us by customers. They have [...]

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Painting Kitchen Wall Tiles - Ceramic Tile Paint

Followers of our social media pages will have no doubt noticed that our Sharon has recently moved house and is busy updating and renovating her lovely new home. She has been considering the kitchen wall tiles for some time. The ceramic tiles are really quite outdated, but they are in good condition and firmly attached [...]

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Guide to pet friendly paint and painting with pets in the house

We are often asked about painting with pets in the house. Paint fumes can irritate pets (as well as humans). VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) found in conventional paints and varnishes can be harmful. So it's no wonder that concerned pet owners phone or email us for advice. While it is always beneficial to open windows and [...]

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Farrow and Ball New Colours 2019

Colour by Nature - Inspired by Werner's Nomenclature of Colours  in Collaboration with the Natural History Museum Before photographs and colour spectrometers, explorers had difficulty describing the colour of the new animals and plants they had found when they got home. That is until Abraham Gottlob Werner created his great book the "Nomenclature of Colours" in the [...]

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How to reduce your Carbon Footprint at Home

(or 8 Ways to Save Money on your Home Energy Bill) If Setting the Thermostat Temperature Causes Heated Discussion read this section ... Should you wear more clothing on or turn the thermostat up? If this feels like part of a conversation that happens all too often in your home, get one of these and find out for [...]

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