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Burnt Sand Mastic (10 Litres)

Cornish Lime


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Prices Include VAT

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Traditional Burnt Sand Mastic is a natural and arguably superior alternative to modern day chemical mastics. It is used for sealing gaps between timber frames and Brick/Stone surrounds, in thicknesses up to 20mm.

Burnt Sand Mastic is supplied in two parts (Burnt Sand and Linseed oil) to be mixed as required. Once mixed the mastic will begin to harden, so it is advisable to only mix the required amount for a couple of hours work.

Using a small trowel, shape the mastic into the required shape before pressing into the gap. Start at the bottom of the joint and work upwards to maintain the necessary compaction. It may be helpful to keep the trowel clean with an oiled cloth during application.

Please note:
The Mastic does not require painting. If a change of colour is desired, the mastic should only be painted once it has cured, using a linseed oil based paint.

Our product is supplied in 2 parts:

  • 10 litres of Burnt Sand
  • 2.5L Boiled linseed oil