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Brick Dust Pozzolan - 20kg bag

Cornish Lime


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Prices Include VAT

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Brick Dust is a red coloured pozzolan. The red colour of this Pozzonlan can also be used as a colourant for mortars.

Pozzolans are materials that contain high silica and/or alumina content.  They react chemically when mixed with Lime (Calcium Hydroxide) to form a compound with cementitious properties.

When added to putty lime or quicklime mortars, pozzolans will create an initial ‘set’ in the mortar, giving it hardness in the early stages of calcification and will also increase the overall strength of the mortar when cured.

Brick Dust has a mild strengthening affect on the mortar so larger amounts can be added if extra colour is required without the problem of over strength mortars.

Addition Rates

Lime Putty Mortars
For mortars made from Mature Lime putty an addition of 2 bags (40kg) of Brick Dust per tonne of lime mortar. More can be added for the purpose of colouring.

Quicklime Hot Mortars
For hotlime-mortars made with Calbux 90 quicklime, add 15 - 20% by volume of the dry quicklime volume. e.g. up to 3 litres of Brick Dust for every 15 litres of Quicklime powder. 


Please note this information is offered as a guide only. Strengths of lime from different manufacturers can vary so Pozzolan quantities may need to be adjusted.