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Allergies, Asthma and Eco Paints

Allergies, Asthma and Eco Paints

Posted by Florence Jackson on 21st Apr 2017

As more of us are becoming aware of the harmful chemicals that are present in our everyday household products, we are moving towards more natural ingredients that reduce the risk of damage to our health, our homes and the environment; this can be quite a difficult task in an ever-growing market of products claiming to  be ‘Eco-Friendly’… so which products are right for us?  

Allergies are a common condition that many of us will suffer from at some point in our lives. An allergic reaction is the result of the immune system’s overreaction to an unknown particle or substance. As someone who is susceptible to allergies and sensitive skin, I have learnt how important it is to read what’s on the label and to really pay attention to the products I keep and use at home. I’m sure at some point we have all suffered from a ‘decorator’s headache’ as a result of using conventional paints that are packed full of nasty chemicals. These chemicals can often include formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), titanium dioxide, ammonium and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which evaporate into the air and which we then inhale. Although EU regulations have imposed certain limits on the amount of chemicals that paints can contain, many standard paints can still aggravate allergies and asthma. When VOCs are inhaled, they can cause eye, nose and throat irritation and even dizziness and headaches. With this in mind, you may want to consider using an alternative, especially when decorating a nursery or child’s bedroom.


Choosing the right Eco Paint

There are many alternatives to using conventional paints, many of which are classed as eco paints; unfortunately these ‘eco’ products are not always what they claim to be. Navigating your way through all these paints can seem impossible when they are all claiming to be ‘organic’, ‘natural’, ‘green’ or ‘environmentally sustainable’, often using suggestive branding such as tree, flower or leaf logos which actually have no actual relevance to the product or its ingredients. It is always best to dig a little deeper and ask the stockist about the VOC content and if you do suffer from allergies, whether they could provide you with a copy of the datasheet. 


Other great qualities of Earthborn


None of Earthborn paints are tested on animals and the range is suitable for vegeterians. However, vegans should note that Earthborn Casein Paints contain milk products and Earthborn Furniture Wax contains Beeswax. All Earthborn ingredients are listed on the tins, so you know exactly what goes inside them. 


Why Earthborn Paints are the right choice for you and your home

Earthborn have carefully selected ingredients for their products avoiding any known allergens. Earthborn paints still contain breathability and have moisture absorbing qualities, which help even out the humidity in a room, making for a healthier living environment. The clay content  in the paint helps to destroy airborne odurs and contaminents, which also results in less static electricity build up, which reduces dust and allergens! Our homes often 


Here at Celtic Sustainables we are always happy to offer advice to our customers when it comes to allergies and asthma and can provide information about the contents of our products or ask our suppliers directly about any concerns you may have.


Not sure which colours? Take a look at our simple guide to choosing the right colour for you.


Where to find out more information;

To find out more about paints that are great for you and the environment pop into our shop and showroom at Celtic Sustainables, Unit 9, Parc Teifi, Cardigan, SA 43 1EW or go online at You can also get in touch by email at or by phone on 01239 623506.


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