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Farrow and Ball New Colours 2019

Colour by Nature - Inspired by Werner's Nomenclature of Colours  in Collaboration with the Natural History Museum Before photographs and colour spectrometers, explorers had difficulty describing the colour of the new animals and plants they had found when they got home. That is until Abraham Gottlob Werner created his great book the "Nomenclature of Colours" in the [...]

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The Best Way to Stop Leaves Blocking Drains

Living in a leafy area is beautiful and good for the soul. An opportunity to do a little Shinrin-yoku or "forest-bathing" is always a good idea. The only downside we can think of is perhaps in Autumn when leaves cause problems blocking drains, guttering, downpipes and soakaway crates.Blocked drains can be expensive, difficult to fix, [...]

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How to reduce your Carbon Footprint at Home

(or 8 Ways to Save Money on your Home Energy Bill) If Setting the Thermostat Temperature Causes Heated Discussion read this section ... Should you wear more clothing on or turn the thermostat up? If this feels like part of a conversation that happens all too often in your home, get one of these and find out for [...]

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Eco Campervan Conversion – Insulating your Campervan

We get super excited (and just a little bit envious) when we find out that our customers are converting a van to a camper van and using our eco insulation to make it warm and cosy. Deciding on which type of environmentally friendly insulation to use for the camper conversion, what thickness and how much [...]

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Zero Waste Week - 3 Ways to Upcycle Paint Tin Cans

If we have delivered a product to you, you will know that we have a packaging web page that talks about the packaging materials we use to get the item safely to you and how you can recycle it. What about the container the product comes in though? Here are 3 awesome ways you can [...]

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What to do with Leftover Paint

So you've finished your decorating project and have some leftover paint, what to do next? In this blog post we give you the best advice on how to store paint, what to do when you open a tin of old paint and it looks wrong, where you can donate half used tins of paint in [...]

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Indoor Air Quality: Paints, Products & Plants

Indoor Air Quality is something that affects us all. People in the UK spend on average over 90% of their time indoors (according to a survey by Ribble Cyclists from 2017). In June this year, the National Insitutue for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) produced new draft guidance to urge local authorities and the public [...]

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Natural Building: Round Timber Frame Construction with Ty Pren

Over the last few months we have been excited to see a roundwood timber frame building being constructed in Cardigan. You see, our local Community Forest Garden is relocating. Having outgrown (sorry for the pun) it’s original site in St Dogmaels, Alpay and his team of volunteers for Naturewise are starting afresh just along the [...]

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Pink Fence Paint Anyone? Mixing outdoor wood paint colours

We are often asked if we sell pink outdoor paint for sheds, playhouses and fences. The answer is yes! We have several environmentally friendly options for you.  Which exterior wood paint brand you decide to go for is guided primarily by whether the wood has been painted before (and if yes, whether you are prepared to [...]

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Eco Outdoor Wall Paints - Quick Guide

Environmentally friendly exterior masonry paint. Whether you are looking to waterproof a wall or need a breathable outdoor wall paint we have a solution for you in a colour you'll love. This guide is intended as a quick reference only. Please always read datasheets and instructions before applying (and preferably before purchasing!). If in any doubt [...]

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