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Painthouse Paint, how to apply it.

Copy it, Master it, and Paint it with Painthouse Paint. Read our article for tips and things to consider when painting different surfaces with Painthouse paint. All your questions answered and insider tips to help you get the job done. Usually, when we paint a room we spend a bit of time before hand deciding what paint [...]

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Making our own Christmas decorations with Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper

Making our own Christmas decorations with Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper At the beginning of this year we made a conscious effort to cut the office waste down even more. One of the ideas was to source eco-friendly toilet paper (that isn’t packaged in plastic). We found Who Gives a Crap toilet paper who use [...]

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Eco Friendly Gifts

With the festive season almost upon us, we have compiled all of our products that are fabulous gifts for the environmentally conscious person in your life all in one handy place. Eco Friendly Gifts under £50Natural Decorating and Eco-Renovation Books* Price Range: £4.50 to £34.99 These books have been recommended to us by customers. They have found them [...]

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Making Artist pastels with Coloured Earth Pigment Guide

After the fun we had making oil and watercolour paints using the Coloured Earth Pigment guide, I decided to have a crack at making some soft artist pastels. You can find the guide I followed guide I followed here, although some techniques and ingredients may vary which I’ll touch on below. Soft pastels are always popular [...]

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Airlite Paint - Improves Indoor Air Quality

The average person in the UK spends just 8% of their time outside according to Professor Holgate of the Royal College of Physicians1. Yet there is very little research into the aggregated effects of exposure to pollutants such as kitchen products, faulty boilers, open fires, fly sprays and air fresheners, all of which can cause [...]

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What is "Natural"?

Along with “being made from natural ingredients”, the term “Natural” is often used by our customers as shorthand for “healthy”, “wholesome”, “non-toxic”, “benign when disposed of” , “better for you”, “organic” and a whole raft of other meanings. Granted, some of the alternative term examples given here are nonsensical. After all we all know some [...]

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What is "Eco"?

“Eco” credentials for some paint and decorating products can sometimes be very clear. For example the Earthborn paint range is certified to EU Ecolabel standards. The EU EcoLabel identifies products and services that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle.  Products that carry the Cradle to Cradle certification could also be classed as “Eco”. [...]

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Fifty Shades of Green

The Great "Eco", "Natural" Debate We are often asked about the “eco” and “natural” credentials of the products that we supply. They are questions we are always happy to discuss as it often leads to detailed conversations about the ingredients or manufacturing processes of the particular products and their mainstream counterparts. We often find when discussing the [...]

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6 Thrifty Uses for Leftover Insulation

1.Hug the tub Your bathtub would benefit significantly from a woollen wrapping. Fit your scraps around the tub, inside the casing if there is one, and fasten into place. Enjoy longer, warmer baths forever more, and maybe you’ll finally finish that book you’ve been meaning to read at bath time. 2.Hemp up the hatch A scrap of leftover [...]

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How Natural Insulation benefits the Environment

Homeowners today are regularly told to enhance their homes using common insulating materials. However, these materials can work against us and our homes despite the benefits they offer in certain situations. Aside from the health risks related to these products, they also pose all sorts of issues especially where older buildings are concerned.Houses built earlier [...]

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