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CASE STUDY : Treatex Home Office Refurbishment

How we gave a new lease of life to our old oak flooring with Treatex  Colour Tones & Hardwax Oil Ultra After almost 8 years since it’s last redecoration, our home office was in desperate need of some sprucing up when we finally got round to tackling it recently.We’d installed a solid oak floor with a [...]

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Exciting NEW Colours from Auro

Back in 2018 Auro released their much awaited colour card with beautiful colours named after flowers (It's made out of plant oils, of course!). I spent the last part of the year putting some of the colours on our showroom walls – if only I had enough space to get all the colours up! If [...]

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A handy guide to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Virtually VOC Free Paint

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are organic (eg carbon-based) chemicals which evaporate into the air at low temperatures - definately at room temperature and cooler (scientifically: any organic compound having an initial boiling point less than or equal to 250°C measured at a standard pressure of 101,3 kPa). VOCs are everywhere. They can be man made chemicals [...]

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How to Spring Clean without the Chemicals

Spring is fast approaching, there is nothing quite like giving your home a thorough clean in preparation for the year ahead.  The idea of freshness that many companies would lead us to believe is the cleanest is really more of a chemical attack on your home. Don't believe the hype about extra muscle and scents of [...]

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Eco-Solutions Home Strip Cleaners

Cleaning your home, brushes and hands during a DIY project can often be a bit of a toxic job. Eco-Solutions Homestrip offer a healthier way of doing things. Eco-Solutions is a leader in water-based paint strippers, hand cleaners, coatings removers, and other associated products.  Solvent-free  The Home Strip products are safe for people to use and free [...]

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How to get rid of Mould with the AURO Anti-Mould system

AURO’s ecological, chlorine-free products give you everything you need to fight and prevent mould in a simple three-step system. Step 1: Mould eliminator # 412 AURO Mould eliminator is chlorine-free, and can be used on tiles, walls, wood, and plastic, both exterior and interior, and in damp rooms. It’s best to check compatibility in an inconspicuous spot [...]

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Painthouse Paint, how to apply it.

Copy it, Master it, and Paint it with Painthouse Paint. Read our article for tips and things to consider when painting different surfaces with Painthouse paint. All your questions answered and insider tips to help you get the job done. Usually, when we paint a room we spend a bit of time before hand deciding what paint [...]

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Making our own Christmas decorations with Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper

Making our own Christmas decorations with Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper At the beginning of this year we made a conscious effort to cut the office waste down even more. One of the ideas was to source eco-friendly toilet paper (that isn’t packaged in plastic). We found Who Gives a Crap toilet paper who use [...]

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Eco Friendly Gifts

With the festive season almost upon us, we have compiled all of our products that are fabulous gifts for the environmentally conscious person in your life all in one handy place. Eco Friendly Gifts under £50Natural Decorating and Eco-Renovation Books* Price Range: £4.50 to £34.99 These books have been recommended to us by customers. They have found them [...]

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Making Artist pastels with Coloured Earth Pigment Guide

After the fun we had making oil and watercolour paints using the Coloured Earth Pigment guide, I decided to have a crack at making some soft artist pastels. You can find the guide I followed guide I followed here, although some techniques and ingredients may vary which I’ll touch on below. Soft pastels are always popular [...]

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