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Celenit Wood-Wool, Render Carrier Boards



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Prices Include VAT

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Lime plasterboard - Celenit wood-wool boards are high quality vapour permeable boards, suitable for use internally or externally as part of a breathable wall construction.

Celenit natural lime plasterboard is a great alternative to cement board, gypsum plasterboard and expanded metal lath. The open texture of the boards means that a lime plaster or lime render can be applied directly without the need for latex, PVA or SBR type primers.

Celenit boards are self-draining and the mineralised coating on the wood strands give the boards a Class B fire rating. This means that they will only char and not catch fire. The mineralisation also makes them extremely durable and they will not crumble or rot when wet.

Dimensions: 1200 X 600mm.

Available in 15mm and 25mm thicknesses. The 15mm boards are for internal use, the 25mm boards can be used internally and externally.


Fix in a horizontal, broken bond pattern using mechanical fixings and the appropriate washers to avoid the screws pulling through the open texture of the board.

It is advisable to embed an alkali resistant mesh in the basecoat render to minimise the risk of movement cracks where the boards butt together.


  • External cladding of timber frame walls
  • Internal lining of timber frame walls
  • Base Board for plastered ceilings and walls
  • Internal partition walls
  • Carrier board for render

Ecological Features

  • Made from natural materials
  • No waste disposal problem
  • Ideal for people sensitive to allergies
  • Recommended for healthy living environments
  • No harmful gases or vapours given off
  • No toxic fumes if burned
  • Diffusion permeable
  • Hygroscopic - levels out humidity level changes
  • Naturally resistant to fungus and insects

Further Information

Celenit N Woodwool Board - Technical Data Sheet

Celenit N Woodwool Board - Declaration of Performance