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Coloured Earth Pigments

Coloured earth pigments have announced the launch of its new range of colours, offering exciting new hues in its synthetic range. Pigments can be used for colouring and tinting paints, glazes, clays, and plasters and can be used in lime wash. 

The new colours are; Vermillion Red (291, Rupicola Orange (274), Kossoghol Blue (235), Carmine Violet (217), Duck Blue (226), Ultramarine Violet (288), Sunflower Yellow (276), Rose Fuchsia (271).

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New Earth Pigment Colours

Coloured Earth Pigments - Naturals

Coloured Earth Pigments - Naturals

Coloured Earth's Natural range is a range of earth pigments which are non-toxic and suitable for colouring or tinting the following:

  • Limewash
  • Natural paints (e.g. clay paints and chalk paints)
  • Plasters, cements and grouts
  • Varnishes, waxes, stains and glazes
  • Artist paints and pastels
  • Handmade paper
Coloured Earth Pigments - Synthetics

Coloured Earth Pigments - Synthetics

Synthetic pigments have been chemically manufactured, often to create bright colours unobtainable from natural earth pigments. 
All the Coloured Earth Synthetics are manufactured on mineral bases and are non-toxic. Plus, they can be used in all the same ways as the natural pigments. 

Coloured Earth Pigments - Non-toxic Pigment Powder

Coloured Earth Pigments - Non-toxic Pigment Powder

Available in 100g, 500g and 8kg tubs

From as little as £4 per pot


Helpful pigment guides

Water colour paint recipe

Easy recipe for making your own watercolour paints

Learn how to make your own watercolour paints from natural ingredients and no nasties with our helpful guide. 

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Making Artist pastels with Coloured Earth Pigment Guide

Making artist pastels with Coloured Earth Pigment

After the fun we had making oil and watercolour paints using the Coloured Earth Pigment guide, we decided to make some soft artist pastels. Learn how to make your very own vibrant, high-quality artists pastels using our helpful guide.

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Painting with Limewash Paint

Helpful guide to mixing pigments and using limewash

Limewash, a paint used for thousands of years, is a traditional finish for lime work in homes, both inside and out. To mix and use limewash, follow these steps: mix lime putty and water in a large container; add pigment if desired; stir well; and apply the limewash to the surface using a brush. It will dry in about 24 hours and eventually gain strength and durability. Limewash is a natural, breathable finish that allows walls to absorb moisture and regulate humidity levels.

Painting with Limewash

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