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Things that help you reduce your Environmental Footprint

Earth Overshoot Day now 29th July (was 23rd Oct)
We were shocked to read that Earth Overshoot Day has moved forward again to the 29th of July. For those of you who haven't heard of Earth Overshoot Day (it used to be called Ecological Debt Day), it's the day that humanity has consumed more ecological resources than will be regenerated in the year. It's been moving forward each year. In 1987 overshoot day was the 23rd of October!

The good news is that each and everyone of us makes a difference. If we all do just one thing, we can make a difference. We hope you don't mind, we have only included in this newsletter the items that we sell - just so that you know that we sell these things (people sometimes just think of us an eco-paint and insulation shop you see!). We know that you are aware of a lot of other things we can all do like eat less meat, travel share, plant wild and bee friendly flowers etc.

We've split this newsletter into sections. Please forward this email to a friend if some parts are more relevant to their circumstances.
If you have Space Behind your Radiators
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Radiator Reflectors

Recommended by the Energy Saving Trust, Radflek reflects the heat from your the back of your wall mounted radiators into the room, reducing heat transfer through the wall to the street outside.

Radflek a revolutionary energy saving radiator reflector that reflects 95% of the wasted heat energy. It's the most effective radiator on the market.

These radiator heat reflectors are easy to install behind wall mounted radiators, no need to remove radiators, nothing to stick on the wall. No technical skills or special tools required - just a pair of scissors and a tape measure!

Available in two kit sizes. Starting at £19.50 for up to 6 radiators. Can pay for itself within a year!
View the RadFlek Radiator Reflector Packs online
If Setting the Thermostat Temperature Causes Heated Discussion
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Comfort Thermometer
Should you wear more clothing on or turn the thermostat up? If this feels like part of a conversation that happens all too often in your home, get one of these and find out for sure what is happening in your rooms.

This Comfort Thermometer has an easy to read dial for temperature and humidity.
Find out more about the Comfort Thermometer >>
If you have a Garden and don't already have a Water Butt
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Decorative Water Butts

Decorative Water Butts

We have over twenty different and beautiful styles to choose from. 

From 150 litres to 800 litre storage capacities. Shapes and sizes to suit most situations.

*Free economy delivery to all mainland UK addresses.
View the Water Butt Range
If you have a Wood Burning Stove
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Wood Stove fans help reduce the amount of wood burnt


Ecofans quietly distribute the heat from your wood stove across the room rather than letting it go up the chimney or to the ceiling. The result is that you put less wood on the fire because the room heats up faster and the heat reaches the furthest corners of the room.

Ecofans are available in 5 different sizes. You simply chose the one that fits on the top of your wood stove - taking in to account that the blade needs space to swirl around. There is even one that works with lower temperature gas or pellet stoves.

No batteries and no plugs needed. Ecofans generate their own power by converting heat from your wood stove into electricity.

Comes with 2 year warranty.
Prices from £57.50

All in all if you have a wood stove this awesome device can lessen your environmental footprint by up to 18%.
View the Ecofan Range
Wood Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

Every wood stove owner knows that you need a stack of dry wood. Trying to burn unseasoned wood is inefficient and results in high levels of particulates going into the atmosphere.

This moisture meter is designed for wood and a whole host of other materials including plaster and concrete. Making this a really useful tool to have in the home.

£78.00. Powers off automatically when not in use to maximise battery life.

Find out more online >>

Stove Thermometer

These are really great for working out whether you are burning wood too quickly or too slowly.

Running a wood stove too cold leads to a smoky fire and too much creosote deposited in your chimney. Too hot and you are wasting fuel - not to mention you could damage your wood stove.

At just £19.96 this is a great little device to ensure an efficient burn.

Find out more online >>
If you are Putting in an Upstairs Shower
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ShowerSave for new upstairs showers
The ShowerSave is worth a serious consideration if you are doing any building work that includes a new upstairs shower (it needs a full height room underneath to work).

It's basically a vertical heat exchanger that takes heat from the water going down your plug to warm up the cold water going in.

An efficiency saving of +60% depending on flow rate.

It's awesome, but very niche so we'll leave it there for now. Take a look if you are interested, 
find out more about the ShowerSave >>
Oh ... and we do eco Insulation
CosyWool Insulation
CosyWool Insulation
Breathable | Rolls| Easy to Handle
From £24 per roll
Shop Wool Insulation
Loose Fill Recycled Paper Insulation
Recycled | EASY TO USE
£17.50 per bag (12kg)
Shop Thermofloc Insulation
Recycled Plastic Bottle Insulation
Easy to Use | Itch Free

From £19 per roll
Shop SupaSoft Insulation
Insulation Boards
Many options available
Breathable | Sustainable
Shop Insulation Board Range
 ... and we do eco paints!
View the Eco Paint Ranges

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